About Me - Kelly Jay Photography

My name is Kelly Jay and I live in Tooele County, Utah. I moved here in 2005 from Indianapolis, Indiana and I discovered the wild mustangs while working at Dugway Proving Ground as a paramedic. The herd I have spent the most time with is the Onaqui herd, who live and roam in the West Desert of Utah. I try to go out and photograph them at least once a week, if not more. Some summers past I spent all day with them, day after day. They are the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen and I learn more about them each time I go out. I admire their brutality, their grace, their love of family, and their ability to survive in such an inhospitable environment. I've become more active in promoting the plight of the wild mustangs  being removed from the West, and spreading the word on how to adopt the ones who have already been captured.

Click here to learn how you can adopt a wild mustang of your own.

In the Wild

Kelly and Dandy

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